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We're Marc and Anna Barbier; met as babies, best friends forever, dated in college, married in 2013. 

Marc, a Data Engineer, was working in Atlanta while Anna started up the photography business. Immediately, Marc jumped in as a second photographer on the weekends. 

Within a year, wedding photography had taken off and we both decided to go full time with the business. Marc left his job, we bought an RV and embarked on a new life of travel and work!


We traveled for a year and a half while photographing weddings all over! The RV life was a good life but it was time to plant roots. 


 After living our whole lives in Woodstock, we returned to our city and bought a house with some land. 

We are SO excited to share that we welcomed our first son in December of 2020 and are expecting our second son in January of 2023! 

We cannot wait to meet you and hear your story! 

Marc & Anna

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