It's All In The Details

The morning of the wedding is a fun but sometimes (always) a crazy time. Curling irons are flying, makeup is everywhere, and the mimosas are flowing. Don’t let this time pass without letting your photographer know what details you want to have photographed.

The details are the shots of all your wedding day lovelies. These often include the dress, veil, shoes, garter, jewelry, gifts to your groom, hair pieces/tiaras, invitations, etc. This list could be endless but make sure you think through it before your big day.

Ten things to include in your details:

  1. Rings - obviously. But many couples will forget to have them together so they are often photographed separately. If you want them photographed together, make sure they arrive on the day-of together. Note: a custom ring box can be ordered from Etsy to add a touch of color to these photos!

  2. Invitations - This is such an important piece because it captures your names and your wedding date. And you probably spent a good while researching and deciding on these so don’t let that work go unnoticed! Hold back a full set of your invites or save the dates for your photographer to include during the details.

  3. The dress & Veil - another no brainer. When thinking about your dress and veil being photographed, don’t forget the hanger. Add a special touch to this rather than the standard white with metal. Also remember that if you have lace or a belt it may not hang right, so if having a picture of the dress is of high importance to you, then try it out ahead of time. Hang the dress on your chosen hanger and make sure the bodice, waist, and arms lay properly. If not, you can always stuff with tissue paper to fill these areas out.

  4. Jewelry - I love the wedding day jewelry! Having these in your details is a must. If you have the original boxes that’s great, but if you want to add a touch of ribbon or something extra to go along with this, make sure you have it all set aside.

  5. Perfume - many brides will pick out a special perfume which will remind their groom of the wedding day whenever they smell it. Fun fact - Beyonce’ Heat was the one I ended up liking the most - after smelling every possible option out there. The bottle was cute and it was perfect for photographing! This way, I always remember the perfume in case I want to go buy another bottle and remember it all over again.

  6. Lace from dress - If you have your dress altered, often times the shop will send back the scraps for you to keep. If this is the case, this can be a sweet touch to add into these photos.

  7. Sentimental piece - I recently photographed a family heirloom which the bride wore as well as every woman in her family. It was so sweet to have photos of this same piece from each lady’s wedding day. (Side note: probably the most nerve-wracking thing - holding a family's heirloom before the ceremony.)

  8. Gift for Him - if you’re planning on giving your groom a gift, keep it with you until your photographer has had the chance to photograph it. Then you can pass it along to him but not without remembering your sweet handwriting on the card, or the wrapping you put time into.

  9. Vows - if you have a copy of your vows these are always SO sweet to have in photos. Many people will hear your vows and only remember bits a pieces, which is perfectly fine since they’re for you two. But having a photo of them will be a sweet reminder of the words you thought through long before you said “I Do”.

  10. Wedding planning book - if you’re like me, you have spreadsheets, timelines, notebooks, folders...I could go on. This is such a fun thing to photograph on the wedding day. It signifies the end of planning and preparation and the beginning of married life with your love!

Put together a box or a bag with all these details (minus the dress and the veil) so that you can hand them to your photographer when they arrive. It will save you time and worry.

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